Last Updated: 05/05/12
It's that time folks. I have come to a point in my life where other things outweigh my desire and ability to collect Sailor Moon cards. Sad, I know, but such is life. As such, most of the cards in my collection will now be up for sale. I will NOT NOT NOT be breaking up sets! I have removed all my card listings below in the hopes that I will soon be able to list everything I have but for now just ask me. Also I will be listing a lot on ebay.

My Ebay feedback is here.
Don't be afraid to ask for my references or to ask if you can use me as one!

Orange: Misprint, Yellow: Damaged



This is listed right at the top because it's very important information and I want to make sure people see it. These people are not to be trusted.

Real Name: Mary Walker. Also used Theresa Daynorowicz (maybe her mother?) and Hoshi Japan
Address: 2555 Old Trevose Road, Apt P2, Trevose, PA 19053 & P.O. Box 683 or 595, Bensalem PA 19020 & 64 Holly Cove, Mt. Laurel, NJ 08054

Email addresses:,,,,,,,,,,

Livejournal names: pixelmari, sakuyakumashiro, superginzuishou
Communities: tsukihenshin

Ebay names: mahou.shoujo, cherry.berry.gum, pixelmari, kittierainbow, jem.stars, black.rose.seal, moon.pink00, pixelmari22, sakuya311, sakuya_kumashiro88, mmagicgirl999, superginzuishou, chibistarpower, harrypotter753, sakuyamasaki

IP addresses:,,,,,,,,,, She uses something to change her IP address, but as you can see there are a lot of common numbers. You can do an IP search here.

Other Accounts: DeviantArt, DeviantArt, DeviantArt, DeviantArt, Facebook (previously), Youtube, Ecrater, Site, Fake DeviantArt (not sure whose this is), Fake Facebook (not her face, but her account)
This is a well known scammer; anyone who buys, sells, and/or trades should immediately add this girl to their own blacklists. She is a professional and has been doing this since 2001!

The good people at Serasell, a livejournal community (which is where much of this info comes from), believe they have found 99% of her old livejournal accounts but they warn she can easily create a new one. Her fandoms include Sailor Moon (Chibi-Usa and Mercury), Utena, Shugo Chara, Pretty Cure, and Bible Black. Her username will most likely be something from one or a combo of these fandoms. She is also prone to bad spelling and weird typing. For example: TX = thanks, threw = through, freinds = friends, dum = dumb, miss spell = misspell, and tomarrow = tomorrow. She always says "I'm new around here" as well. She is interested in cards, cels, and resin figures. She has sold fake cels and bootleg statues.

My experience with her back in March 2006: Bought from me on ebay and didn't pay. I sent her multiple emails but finally left negative feedback and filed a claim. Not EVEN an hour later she emailed me back bitching about my doing that and saying they had computer problems. How can you not be able to email me for a week but can respond to negative feedback within the hour?? Not only that, she paid too. I said fine, sent it, and added a note to the feedback I had left saying that she had paid even though there were problems. She then left me negative feedback in retaliation. I left a follow-up comment about it and thought the matter was over. A week later, however, she filed a claim against me and said she never got the cards. I had the post office receipt IN my hand with tracking numbers!! She didn't win and so left even more bad feedback. After that one of her "friends" emailed me and said we should mutually withdraw the negative feedback. I would have if it had been a misunderstanding, but it was completely justified. I said no and told them that it was none of their business in the first place. That was finally the end of it. The ACTUAL feedback left is below.

On her profile: Me: nonpaying bidder, did not respond to multiple emails, had 7 days and didn't pay!
My Follow-Up: failed to email they needed time, but has paid! small prob, but good buyer

Me: No resp. to MULTI emails! Had 7 days & no payment! Neg. feedback was justified!!
Name: Jenny (or Jennie...something Jenny-like)


Addy: Canada
Sent in by SB (

"When she bought cards from me, she: 1. Sent Canadian cash. In coins. 2. Didn't send the right amount ("forgot" the money for the shipping.) 3. Took FOREVER to make up her mind on what she wanted. I had the idiocy to let her buy from me again, and the next time the money was "lost in the mail." She decided to resend when I told her I wasn't shipping without money in my hand. Same thing with sending Canadian cash (for prices quoted in US dollars, ARGH) and stiffing me on the shipping (but this time I inflated the price so I wouldn't be quite so gypped in the whole ordeal.) She contacted me again this August to buy cards, and the name didn't click immediately, but here it is, almost the end of September, and the money's not in my Paypal account. *rolls eyes* Some people never change, eh?"

The Question of Condition

I am not bothered by imperfections unless I notice them right away and that is how my cards are listed. If I notice something wrong at first glance then it is marked as damaged, if I don't notice something (and I do a good job of checking) then it gets listed on this page with all the others even though some ever so small thing might be wrong with it. Those 'ever so small things' that I let go are things that would not bother the average collector but might cause a tantrum in someone who collects only factory sealed mint condition cards. Seriously though, there's nothing to worry about. I scan and send pictures of the cards to anyone who is interested so there will never be any doubts over what exactly you're getting.

Damaged and Misprinted cards

These cards are listed on another page, linked next to the card, with the mistake and/or damage they have. Many of my damaged cards are not that bad, with only minor things wrong, and some collectors might not be bothered so be sure to check them out!


If you are looking for color variations I will do my best to help, but please understand that sometimes it can be very difficult to tell without having another card to compare with.

I don't have any prices listed right now as I haven't had to price a card in a long time. That being said, don't think you can try and trick me into selling at a really low price. I might not of done it in a while but that doesn't mean I'm an idiot!


These are my rules for buying and trading cards, they are NOT negotiable unless I feel you are a good enough trader. These are pretty standard rules and they all must be followed or I will not do business with you again. And yes, I do keep records.

1. The person who initiates the trade or sale, must sends first. Meaning, if you ask me to trade or to sell, you send your card(s) or payment first and then, when I receive it(them), I will send mine. Please note that this only applies if I have never traded with or sold to you before. With people I have traded with/sold to before, they will be sent at the same time.

2. The method of packaging for a sale/trade is up to me. If it is a small amount of cards (less than 9), I usually just put them in a regular envelope with toploaders. If you want the card(s) shipped a certain way, like in a cardboard box, then that will cost extra. Insurance is also extra, however confirmation is required! Also, in a trade, the same method is used by both people. So if you ask me to send your cards insured priority, then you must send mine the same way.

3. Shipping prices are calculated via I weigh items by scale to make sure the shipping cost is as accurate as possible but sometimes its not always what the final price is. Whatever the website says at the time is what I use.

4. Please make sure you are sending the correct cards from the correct series. If a mistake is made we can try to work it out, but its a hassle. If I feel/find that the "mistake" was on purpose (for example: I send prisms and expect prisms back but get fake sticker cards) you will be immediately and permanently blacklisted!

5. Any damage to the cards sent without prior acknowledgment will not be accepted. If this occurs then an e-mail will be sent and the trade will not be completed. The card(s) I receive will not be sent back either until something can be worked out. Be honest, if they are not in mint condition say so.

6. Please know what cards you want before asking, especially if you only want cards with a specific character on them. I don't want to handle the cards unless I have to so they remain nice. I also do not want to have to go looking for certain cards with certain characters, this site also works as a reference, please use it.

7. All payments must be made in USD. If you live in another country then I will convert the price using the most current exchange rate, but you must let me know. Paypal is preferred but money orders are just as good, however I do NOT accept plain cash or checks (unless I really trust you). I will give my address only when the trade or sale is confirmed to occur.

8. I will only hold cards for two weeks, unless something is worked out between both parties. If no payment or cards are confirmed to have been sent by the end of two weeks (or longer depending on the agreement) then the cards will be up for sale/trade again. Keep in mind that if you let the time expire and then ask for the cards again, I may not be so willing to bend on things.

9. The prices of my cards are not negotiable unless I personally decide to change them. Period.

10. Please make the trade or sale a clean, fair, and honest transaction. I know very well the values of these cards and will not fall for any "cheap" deals. I also keep a very detailed record of every trade/sale I make, including email addy's, addresses, and names. If you try and cheat me then I will blacklist you and make sure everyone knows who you are.

11. Please don't expect extras. I give out extras when I feel like it. That's it. If you ask for them, you can be sure I will never send you any ever again.

Quick Jump

North American Cards
Japanese Cards
Other Country Cards
Other Cards


I will be listing various sized lots of cards here. All these lots will be sold together so do NOT ask for individual cards from them! Mostly only complete or near complete sets will be listed here unless I randomly feel like making a lot of mixed cards.

Unopened Two-Player Starter Deck Regs, Other Regs - 40, Other - 3 Starter Deck Box, Counters, Rulebook, 40 Cards (Including 137 and 138 that you can only get in this deck!!) $4.00
Artbox Sticker Set - Complete Regs Regs - 6 1-6 (each comes within its wrapper) $5.00
Tattoo Set - Complete Regs, Other Regs - 12, Other - 12 1-12 (each comes within its wrapper) $8.00
CCG - Incomplete Regs, Other Reg - 148, Other - 2 1-136, 139-150 (the missing two are in the Starter Decks!!), wrapper, empty booster box $15.00 (buy together with a Starter Deck and save $2.00!)
Awesome - Complete Regs, Other Reg - 72, Other - 1 1-72 regs and wrapper $20.00 (buy togeter with Prismatic and save $5.00, buy with Prismatic and Archival and save $10.00)
Prismatic - Complete Regs, Other Reg - 72, Other - 1 1-72 regs and wrapper $20.00 (buy togeter with Awesome and save $5.00, buy with Awesome and Archival and save $10.00)
Archival - Complete Regs, Other Reg - 72, Other - 1 1-72 regs and wrapper $10.00
Dart Flip Lot - Incomplete Regs, Other Reg - 79, Other - 3 Prismatic: 7, 11, 21, 23, 24, 32, 33, 36, 37, 44, 48, 51, 52, 63, 64, 70
Series 3: 9, 11, 13, 20, 26, 31, 39, 40, 49, 54
Archival: 1-3, 5-11, 13, 14, 16, 17, 19, 20, 22-24, 27, 29, 31-36, 38-41, 43-45, 47-53, 56, 57, 59, 61-64, 66, 68-70, 72
Other: Prismatic, Series 3, Archival wrappers
Cardzillion Set 1 - Complete Regs Reg - 36 1-72 $50.00 (buy together with the lot below and save $10!!)
Cardzillion Set 1 - Incomplete Specials Special - 5 1-5 $75.00 (buy together with the lot above and save $10!!)
Cardzillion Lot - Incomplete Regs Reg - 33 Set 1: 11, 16, 23, 24, 31, 33, 34, 37
Set 2: 49, 51, 54, 56-58, 60, 63, 67, 68, 78
Set 3: 86, 92, 95, 97, 99, 101, 103, 106, 107, 111, 113, 115, 117, 120
Banpresto Twin Character Set 2 Clear Cards - Complete Specials Special - 4 1-4 $12.00
Banpresto Set 7 Stars - Complete Regs Reg - 12 7-18 $15.00
PP Set 8 - Incomplete Regs Reg - 33 390-407, 409-421, 423, 424 (missing 3 cards) $25.00
Graffiti Set 6 - Complete Regs Reg - 38 217-220, 222-240, 242-256 $20.00
Graffiti Lot - Incomplete Regs Reg - 50 46, 50, 56, 62, 66, 75, 78, 79, 82, 105, 131, 142, 146-148, 151-153, 161, 165, 166, 217, 218, 220, 222, 224-227, 229, 230, 232-240, 242-246, 248-250, 253, 254 $30.00
Carddass Lot - Incomplete Regs Reg - 64 86, 89, 95, 99, 105, 108, 111, 112, 204, 207, 213, 215, 218, 219, 224, 225, 229-233, 235, 238, 240-246, 249, 251-263, 265-267, 269-276, 278, 279, 296, 325, 327, 331, 339, 359, 377 $50.00
Carddass Set 6 - Complete Regs Reg - 36 198-201, 204-226, 229-236, 238 $25.00
Carddass Set 7 - Complete Regs Reg - 36 240-246, 249-267, 269-276, 278, 279 $25.00
Carddass Set 8 - Incomplete Regs Reg - 32 282-286, 289, 291, 293-311, 314-317, 319, 320 (missing 4 cards) $20.00