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November 7, 2011: Yep, still trying to update everything. I have had some free time recently so I have been using it to get some other, more important (ie. real life), things done. But I have not forgotten about this! Plenty more sightings to add, but first I am going to make sure the ones listed currently have all the information I can find on them. Excuse the mess!


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Since December 09, 2005

Welcome to the Crystal Millennium of Commemoration

Commemoration: an observance or celebration designed to honor the memory of some person or event.

Affecting nearly every aspect of life, not just for fans but everyone across the globe, Sailor Moon has proven itself to be one of the biggest power house animes of all time. Images of the characters and references to the show have been sighted in a plethora of different places, from a variety of other television shows to hotel rooms and video games. Several recording artists have done covers of songs from the show and there are even flowers named after our favorite heroine!

In honor of all this homage being paid to Sailor Moon (and rightly so!) I have created this page. Here you will find all the sightings that I know of with detailed information, pictures, and (whenever possible) a megaupload link which will allow people to view video files and other such things without having to worry about them being deleted from YouTube or similar sites (if any of these links ever stop working please let me know!).

I do my absolute best to keep this the most complete list of sightings anywhere on the web, but I am only one person so feel free to submit any sightings you don't see listed by visiting the help page to the left (please include pictures and information!). Please understand, however, that personal cosplays, random webcomics, articles in anime magazines, and other such things aren't really 'sightings.' If you have any questions on what qualifies just e-mail me and ask! And, while some of the text here is copied (and credited whenever I can remember/locate where it came from!), putting this list together was my own work so don't repost it anywhere without credit and permission!

Lastly, along with all the sightings, there are also a few random sections related to other aspects of Sailor Moon like little known facts and a look at the adult themes in the story. More is being added all the time so please stop by again later!

Sightings by Category

Sightings: 107* :: Unconfirmed: 13**
* Does not include Specific, Fan Made, or Bootlegs.
** Listed under Specific.

Special Sections

THE PROJECT: A complete look at the show shot by shot; including, among other things, secret images and messages (like Sailor Moon sightings within the show itself!) and inside jokes disguised within the cel work.

ADULTS ONLY: A lot of people write Sailor Moon off as a 'kids show.' This showcases the 'adult' themes within the story; from nudity and homosexuality to acts of sacrifice and valor, discover why the show is anything but!

TRUE FACTS: There are lots of fans out there, but most don't know all the juicy bits. Discover the details behind little known facts here!

SABAN MOON: A detailed look at what could have been, this page dispels misinformation and takes a close look at the curiosity that is 'Saban Moon.'

TRADING CARDS: I collect, trade, buy, and sell Sailor Moon cards. Here you will find my card page and other useful information about card trading.