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Idols: Theresa Lee and Halina Tam

Theresa Lee and Halina Tam (shown, in that order, in the first image along with first runner-up Annamarie Wood) were featured on two holographic trading cards from Hong Kong, posing as Sailor Mars and Sailor Moon respectively. These cards are presumably from around the year 1994 given the two women's connection to the Miss Hong Kong pageant that year. They also beg the question, are there more out there? It does seem rather strange that the winner (Tam) and the second runner-up (Lee) would randomly pose as Moon and Mars, perhaps the first runner-up posed as Mercury (etc with the other scouts/contestants) and we just haven't found the proof yet?

Theresa Lee, the second runner-up and winner of The Media’s Favourite Award in the 1994 Miss Hong Kong pageant, went on to become an actress. She can be seen in the second two images, one showing her dressed as Sailor Mars. Halina Tam was the winner of the 1994 Miss Hong Kong Pageant and went on to take part in other pageants as well as becoming a model, singer, and television actress. She can be seen in the last two images, the later showing her dressed as Sailor Moon.

Thanks George Hong and Novadestin!
Artist: Michael Bell-Smith

In 2006, Michael Bell-Smith, of Foxy Production, created an art video loop of landscapes from various downloaded video games. The piece featured the landscapes layered into one continuous upward-scrolling piece of scenery. It was called 'Up and Away' (sometimes listed as 'Up, Up and Away') and featured two shots from the game 'Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon S: Jougai Rantou! Shuyaku Soudatsusen.'

The game was released in 1994, developed and published by Angel, and ran on the Super Nintendo game system. The two shots used were the day and nighttime Crystal Tokyo backdrops. The whole video lasts 06:40 minutes, however, as the phrase 'art video loop' would suggest, the landscapes loop around several times before the end.

The video has been shown in several galleries and discussed in several articles (none of which, that I know of, mention the Sailor Moon references), the most notable being in and about the Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden, part of the Smithsonian Institution, in Washington, DC. Despite the articles lack of identifying the shots, a frame from the video loop showing the nighttime Crystal Tokyo backdrop (3rd pic, bottom image) is often used to represent the video in articles and as a whole.

Download it here. Thanks NameGoesHere and Novadestin!
Software: Morpheus Photo Animation Suite

Founded in 1999, Morpheus Software combined their three morphing programs: Photo Morpher, Photo Warper, and Photo Mixer to create this program. The software is designed, as the name would suggest, to generate morphs between two pictures.

On the front of the package, directly under the name, are examples of the program's morphing software. One of those, the most prominent in fact, features a real woman morphing into a Sailor Venus like image. The reason for using the likeness is still unclear.

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Flowers: In order of their naming: CM-1975-1 Slc. Gemstone 'Sailor Moon' (pink orchid), Cymbidium MK1240(1) Happy Valley 'Sailor Moon' (yellow orchid), Sailor Moon Carnations (Yellow or Orange), and the Sailor Moon Sunflower.

The Sophrolaeliocattleya Gemstone 'Sailor Moon' is a hybrid orchid, the result of a cross between Sophrocattleya Batemanniana 'Bette' and Sophrolaeliocattleya Phillip Ho 'Alisa'. It was registered in 1993 by the Orchid Resort Dogashima, a famous Japanese Orchid Resort and Academy in Shizukoka. In an e-mail from a Mr. Sato at the resort, he said the name comes from the fact that Sailor Moon was the most popular animation in Japan at the time. She was a very cute character and they thought the orchid's image was just the same! They had hoped that, in the future, this orchid would grow to be a lot more beautiful and that this variety could be used to create more hybrids. Unfortunately, the orchid couldn’t make good hybrids and is no longer being propagated or sold. Near the beginning of The BSSM Original Picture Collection Vol. II there is a picture that features several flowers as a sort of frame around the Inner Scouts, a few at the bottom look similar to this orchid but it does not state anywhere that they were in fact the flowers used (I think their probably just basic pink orchids but who knows).

The Happy Valley Sailor Moon Orchid is a hybrid flower that comes from the Genus Cymbidium, which has around 50 species of orchids with a distinct form to the base of the orchid's lips (the center of the orchid). This orchid was named for Sailor Moon because its yellow color reminded the scientist (Shigeru Makoto Kono) of her hair. The species was officially registered on October 9th, 1997 and the registration will expire in 15 years (2012). It is sometimes labeled as the Happy 'Barry' Sailor Moon Orchid but this is a miss pronunciation. Moon Chase offers a complete explanation on their site here (I included a picture here just in case the page ever goes down). This flower has also been incorporated into Sailor Moon artwork, being featured in three different images in the BSSM Original Picture Collection Vol. V artbook. Two mention the flower by name (I included a translation of the text here) but one does not. One of the images, the one used as the artbook cover, was also used as the cover for the BSSM Series Memorial Music Box 10-disc compilation set.

The Sailor Moon Carnation is naturally yellow, but the orange "mutant" is just as popular. It is apparently a very popular carnation, especially on Mother's Day. The INGU Sailor Moon Carnations were conjured by Inagaki Chotaro and were registered on June 8th, 1998 and will also expire in 15 years from that date (2013).

The Sailor Moon Sunflower, named on July 27th, 2004 (it also blooms in July), is a hybrid of the Helianthus Genus of sunflowers. It is grown in the Barbecue Sunflower Garden in the Showa Memorial Park in Japan and is a very popular flower. The park says that the sunflower is unusual because of its yellow-green color, and the low height makes it lovely. The flower was named after Sailor Moon for two reasons: the first being that sunflowers are popular among children in Japan and so, if they named the flower after a popular character, it would attract more children to come to the park; the second is that the pale color of the flower reminds the observer of the moon.

Pictures: Sophrocattleya Batemanniana 'Bette' orchid, Sophrolaeliocattleya Phillip Ho 'Alisa' orchid, Sophrolaeliocattleya Gemstone 'Sailor Moon' orchid, Orchid Resort Dogashima Frontpage, Image from the Vol. II artbook maybe showing the Slc. Gemstone 'Sailor Moon' orchid, Happy Valley 'Sailor Moon' orchid, Moon Chase explanation, Two pieces of artwork from the Vol. V artbook which contain the Happy Valley 'Sailor Moon' orchid, English linear notes for those images, A third image from the same book which shows the Happy Valley 'Sailor Moon' orchid but did not list it in the linear notes, BSSM Series Memorial Music Box cover, Sailor Moon Carnation Yellow, Sailor Moon Carnation Orange, several pics of the Sailor Moon Sunflower (their all too pretty to pick just one!), Showa Memorial Park Frontpage

Thanks Genvid, Moon Chase, Novadestin, and Project WikiMoon!
Place: Ten Thousand Waves near Santa Fe, New Mexico

Taken from their frontpage: "Ten Thousand Waves is a unique mountain spa resort near Santa Fe, New Mexico that feels like a Japanese onsen. We're primarily a large, beautiful day spa, but for those who plan ahead, we're the best destination spa they've ever experienced. Just a short walk through the trees from the baths and treatment areas are thirteen hotel suites."

This spa features a suite called "Sailor Moon." The text about the room says "Our high-tech room will appeal to the modernists and techies. One of our newest rooms." The suite itself has basically nothing to do with Sailor Moon other than the name and a picture on the website for the suite which shows Sailor Moon on the tv screen. However, the name does go along with the other suites all having a 'moon' related name: Silver Moon, Blue Moon, Moonlet, etc (see all the suite names in the last picture). There is also a Luna suite and a Tsuki suite, however the pages for these suites don't have any Sailor Moon references on them so its safe to assume that their names are solely due to the whole 'moon' naming theme.

The suite features a queen-size bed, daybed with twinkling starfield, high-ceilinged bathroom with spacious two-person shower, 30" flat-panel TV with PlayStation 2, wireless high-speed Internet, gas fireplace, and all the electronics are controlled by a wireless remote. The rates are: Sunday - Thursday (low season): $219 per night, Friday, Saturday, Holidays, and High Season: $259 per night, Additional Guests: $40 per person per night. Rates are for single or double occupancy and high season is May 1-October 31.

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